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Your Employer is also Law Maker

Hot on the heels of the recent Victorian State Election both the New South Wales and Queensland Governments will hold elections early in 2015.   State Governments (Crowns) are in a unique position under our Federation as they are both an employer and a legislator  This dual role is unique and provides a power to the Government that no other Employer across Australia has.  Employees of Government are witnessing a growing hostility towards them as their Employer shows a preparedness to use their legislature role to disadvantage their employees.  NSW recently used Appropriation Bills to lock i

New Year Pay Rises

A further 1.75% pay increase falls due on 1 January and will be included in the first pay in the New Year for members under many of our Agreements including Public Service, Parliament, Parks, State Library, Museum, National Gallery, ACMI, Film Victoria, VicSES, Growth Areas and PTV