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Our Child Protection Crisis

The AGE editorial 15/3 pleads for action but Victorians including their journalists still remain largely uninformed about the shift in the child protection service delivery model that has left so many of our children in care less safe.  The Baillieu/Napthine government’s model is to privatise its parental responsibility to the non-government and faith based sector.  This all began in the 90’s when our Premier was a Minister.  Mandatory reporting was introduced and costs along with notifications soared.

Morwell Fire OHS Update

DEECD has outlined the actions being taken in response to the ongoing Morwell mine fire and air quality throughout the region.  Transcript of the email correspondence last Friday between CPSU and DEECD SEVR follows;

Hi Nick,

I can update you on some of the actions taken this week to ensure OHS issues are addressed for our SEVR personnel:

•    The SSS and Visiting Teacher staff based at Morwell have relocated offices to the Moe Regional Office for the duration of the event.