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Choose Your Employer

The Victorian public sector is not the easiest place to work.  But one great benefit is the opportunity, every four years, to choose your Employer.  CPSU wrote a letter to the major parties seeking responses to the important issues that are at the heart of the employment relationship between a Government and its workforce.  CPSU asks them why you should hire the

Constitution Curtailing PS Bargaining Rights

The impact on public sector bargaining of the implied constitutional limitation on Commonwealth interference with State governments is still not well enough understood, according to CPSU SPSF Group Federal and Victorian Secretary Karen Batt.  Batt, who last year became the union's longest-serving Victorian secretary after 20 years in the role says the "rise of constitutional arguments" and their application to public sector employment is the biggest change that has occurred during her tenure.  Government bargaining, she told Workplace Express, is now intrinsically linked wi