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Education Support – Listen and Represent

CPSU represents Education Support Staff throughout Victoria and Australia and recently the union has been consulting with our Workplace Representatives on what we can do to increase the ES voice.  Many members have told us that since the Schools Agreement was finalised in early 2013 they feel that the focus has been firmly on teachers and principals.  Members have felt that ES staff have been an afterthought and have little or no voice.  Members have also told us that the Schools Agreement is confusing and difficult to interpret.  CPSU believes this must change, and the opportunity arises n

BioSecurity Cuts Threaten Disease Response

The Auditor General has found the state's capacity to detect, prepare for and respond to emergency livestock disease outbreaks has been compromised by funding cuts something CPSU warned against in 2013 when the previous Government cut jobs and slashed resources to the program exposing Victoria's farming communities.  In March 2013, thirteen (13) s