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Alterations of Other Rules Declaration

126 Alteration of other rules of organisations (s 159 (1))

(1) For subsection 159 (1) of the Act, if an alteration of the rules (other than the eligibility rules) of an organisation is made, the organisation, within 35 days after the alteration is made, or within any additional period the General Manager allows, must:

(a) lodge with the FWC a notice setting out the particulars of the alteration; and

Workers Memorial Day

Every day, Victorian workers are exposed to workplace hazards that result in serious illness and injury.  International Workers Memorial Day is our day to remember the dead, & fight for the living.  WHAT IF YOUR LOVED ONE NEVER CAME HOME FROM WORK TONIGHT?  That tragedy has been felt by 19 Victorian families in just 12 months.  Join in memory with those who have lost loved ones.  Put out a pair of work shoes on 28 April.  Take a photo and share it online #STANDFORSAFETY as a reminder of the Victorian workers no longer with us to help spread awareness of workplace safety.