Community and Public Sector Union Victoria (CPSU)

  • Pay increase in proposed GMW agreement
    Updated 8 months ago

    CPSU and GMW concluded negotiations on a new GMW enterprise agreement 2018. The proposed new agreement will only last for 18 months and expires on May 4th, 2020. Negotiations of a new agreement will commence 6 months prior to expiry. Main changes are:

    • - $1,000 sign on bonus to be paid on approval of the agreement by the Fair Work Commission.
    • - 3% pay increase from 4 Nov 2018 (will be backdated if FWC approval is not achieved before 4 November 2018).
    • - 3% pay increase as of the first full pay period after July 1 2019.

    Some other changes include:

    • - New clauses for cultural and ceremonial leave.
    • - A contingent labour use clause so temps can’t undermine the employment of ongoing employees.
    • - Changes to make flexible work arrangements more accessible to anyone for any reason.
    • - Separation of Compassionate leave from Personal leave, employees will now accrue 15 personal leave days, and can use up to 5 days compassionate leave for each permissible occasion.
    • - Parental leave has been adapted to reflect gender neutrality, and the secondary care giver (formerly paternity leave) is now eligible for 2 weeks paid leave instead of the historic 1 week. Pre-natal leave was also increased from 10 to 15 hours.
    • - The model clause for 20 days paid family violence leave used across the public sector was included.

    There are no other major changes to the current agreement.

    CPSU sought financial security over prolonged negotiations in accordance with the bargaining strategy endorsed by employees back in July.  Thankfully, GMW shared this position when they finally disclosed their list of claims, and the parties reached agreement after an intensive 3 months program of meetings and correspondence.

    Given this deal has been made so close to the beginning of the government's caretaker period, a part of the lead up to the Victorian State Election, CPSU has requested GMW management move quickly to get this agreement to an employee vote.

    CPSU anticipates the new agreement will be made accessible for members to review, and a vote carried out before the end of this month.

    As there are minimal changes to the Agreement, CPSU believes this is an ambitious time frame, but certainly achievable.

    CPSU would finally like to thank the members who volunteered as bargaining representatives: Nick O’Brien, Nichelle Schrader, Mark Halden, Neville Staley, Lex Forster, Darren Kirkpatrick, Anthony Brown and Dale Farnsworth. Members can be proud of their advocacy on behalf of CPSU members, and the solidarity with which we approached negotiations.