2022 Short Course Application Updated Courses

Before you start

Your privacy and security are important to us. We'll keep your application confidential. Information collected will be shared with our partners at Victorian Public Sector Commission and relevant Victorian TAFE providers to the extent required for your application to be progressed.  We handle all information in accordance with the Data and Privacy Protection Act 2014, Health Records Act 2001 and other applicable Victorian and Commonwealth legislation. Read our privacy policy to find out more.

As proof your manager has approved you to do this program, you'll need to upload the word document (DOC/DOCX) template listed below:

 >> Template file - https://cpsuvic.org/public_docs/2021/ps-course-app-template-1.docx (download and complete, you'll need to upload the completed file later on)

What you'll need to fill out this form:

  • Enter some details about yourself and reasons for applying to the program
  • Upload details about your manager and the template containing their approval for your study



-Please ensure you have downloaded the template file listed above.

-You only need to submit one application regardless of the number of courses applied for



There are 20 questions in this survey.