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  • Growing Together - CPSU Victoria's Learning Program


    CPSU advises that all training courses may be subject to cancellation at short notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We will advise attendees.

    Our union has an extensive learning program to engage and support members and delegates across the Victorian public sector workforce protect their rights at work.

    We're committed to building a strong and capable network of delegates and members through offering health and safety representative & delegates courses. We offer an additional wide range of workshops and learning events that are interesting and accessible to all members.

    After participating in our workshops, members are better equipped to achieve equality, dignity, transparency and respect in our workplaces and understand their rights & entitlements.

    We employ dedicated Health and Safety experts, and experienced Educators, Organisers and Facilitators to deliver sessions for members.

    OHS Courses

    All elected HSRs and Deputy HSRs should enrol in this course. It covers your powers and entitlements as well as the OHS Act legislation and up to date information on emerging OHS issues. The course also covers communication and negotiation skills.

    Delegate Courses

    Workplace representatives & delegates play such an important role in our union. They provide us with local knowledge and on-the-ground perspectives that mean we can better serve the interests of all members. We run a range of skills focussed courses for delegates first starting out in the role to more experienced reps.

    Member Workshops

    We run an extensive calendar of interesting and engaging workshops on a range of thematic issues on your rights and entitlements as Victorian public sector employees and on how to effect positive change in our workplaces in the interests of fairness, equality and dignity for all.

    Special Workshops

    From time to time the CPSU runs specialists workshops in support of key campaigns affecting public sector workers on a range of issues such as young workers, indigenous workers, gender pay auditing among others.