Electricity Benefits

Updated 22/03/2024
CPSU is a proud part-owner of Co-Power, an electricity cooperative which offers affordable and clean electricity to households across Australia.

By switching to CoPower you are helping take the power back from huge energy corporations for the benefit of people and the planet. With other unions and community organisations we have built a non-profit retail energy co-operative that is member-owned and member-run.

  • Energy usage at wholesale rates
  • We never increase our rates for profit
  • Highly rated and recommended by Green Electricity Guide
  • Member benefits to assist you reduce energy use and make your home more comfortable

Making the switch is easy and only takes a few minutes online by clicking here

Make the switch - Cooperative Power

You can also call 03 9068 6036 to speak to our Melbourne based customer service team.

Every customer member has an equal say on where 100% of revenue goes. So your energy bill builds the world you want to live in.

Projects that customer members have voted to support include:

  • community renewable energy,
  • a strike fund to support workers to win fair wages,
  • solidarity action with Torres Strait Islanders fighting rising sea levels and
  • free home energy assessments and draught-proofing for customer members.

We also offer a transparent bill comparison service. Simply email your latest electricity bill to comparemybill@cooperativepower.org.au

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