Budget Reprioritisations Guide to Gov't Employers Released

Updated 19/07/2023

The Government approved version of the Budget reprioritisation guide to VPS Employers following consultation with CPSU has been released.

Please note the following in relation to our position on this document.

Our input has had a significant influence in changing the original narrative from compulsory redundancies set out in the first draft which are now off the table, to attempting to use all available options, including a primary focus on internal advertisement and JSE involvement, mobility, placement and training to retain jobs.

CPSU has sought to hold Government to its commitments about the use of consultants and labour hire.

Please note this is not an agreement, it is a document we were consulted about.

In doing so CPSU took the following position:

•    CPSU has been belatedly consulted in relation to the revised policy
•    The revised policy has been significantly improved by reason of this consultation with CPSU
•    Government has walked away from the previously agreed policy (BPEC) aligned to our VPS Agreement 2020
•    CPSU expects departments to comply with the revised policy
•    If departments don’t comply with the revised policy, CPSU has rights under our VPS enterprise agreements

CPSU is developing a check list of ‘asks’ in relation to consultation on these matters.

Members are to remain vigilant and seek assistance from CPSU at every opprtunity should it become clear that your employing Department or Agency is non compliant.

It’s important we keep growing as a union, especially during times of change.

If you know someone who isn’t a member and is interested in joining, talk to them about the benefits of union membership and ask them to join CPSU today.

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